Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Sayaka Nakaya CureKanade CureKanade CureKanade 1:30 (TV Size) LIVE! Shining Stars Pretty Cure/Mirai Stage Single
Mirai Stage (未来ステージ Mirai Sutēji?) is the ending theme to Shining Stars Pretty Cure! which is performed by Sayaka Nakaya. The song debuts in the first episode of the series on February 1, 2015 and in each episode, it has a replay of what happened in that certain episode with the Cures dancing beside the pink square that shows what happened in that certain episode.


TV Size VersionEdit

Japanese Romaji Translation
(オーケー! 行こと歌おう!)
Purikyua no mirai sutēji ga kagayaku
karera no kokoro ni ari ongaku hodo nagai! (Ōkē! Iko to utaou!)
Pretty Cure's future stage will shine
as long as there music in their hearts!
(Okay! Let's go & sing!)
Run, run, run girls
to the shining future!
Sing, sing, sing girls
to the glowing crowd of miracles!
Blooming hearts of young girls
will blossom on the golden stage.
(Yes they will!)
Forever dreaming, smiling happily
and major sounds
will make the world spin
as everyone's hearts glow!
(Let's sing on stage Pretty Cure! Ahh....)
The future stage of miracles will shine
as the Pretty Cure's sing, dance and act!
Pretty Cure's future stage of dreams
will shine so bright
if there music in their hearts!
ララララ ララ···プリキュア!
Rararara Mirai Sutēji!
Rararara Aratana Sutēji!
Rararara rara...Purikyua!
Lalalala Future Stage!
Lalalala New Stage!
Lalalala lala...Pretty Cure!

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  • This is the first ending song to have the Cures dancing while the song shows what happened in that certain episode.