Love love pretty cure
Love love
Directorcure cheer
NetworkGirly Toon
Original Run3 march.2020
PredecessorHappiness Charge Pretty Cure
SuccessorHappy Go Pretty Cure
Opening SongFight for heart Love love pretty cure
Ending SongTime to charge(1-24)

Bubbles party(25-48)

Love love pretty cure is a Japanese magical girl anime created by User:Cure cheer. The series' theme is hearts.


Love love pretty cure episodes


Riasa Kiana - Cure Golden:Edit

Kiana is the lead Cure in this series. She is shy and good at studying. Kiana is a kind and smiling girl. Her alter ago is Cure Golden. She has 2 other forms: Cure Game and Cure Rosy. Her theme colour is pink.

Lonosy Tina - Cure Silver:Edit

She is a happy girl and is very talkative. She is not good at studying but Tina is very good at sports. Her alter ago is Cure Silver. She has 2 other forms as well: Cure Prism and Cure Ballet.

Mino Mahsa - Cure Shine:Edit

Mahsa is a very very very very shy girl. She is was Cure at the first but after something bad happened she could not transform any more. Mahsa was very sad but Kiana and Tina became her friend and helped her to become a Pretty Cure again. Her alter ago is Cure Shine. Like Kiana and Tina, she has 2 other forms: Cure Music and Cure Hot.



Kiana's mascot.


Tina's mascot.


Sweety is a mascot who sends her power to Pretty Cure.

Badly Land'Edit


Badly GoldenEdit

Badly SilverEdit

Badly ShineEdit


Darkness GoldenEdit

Darkness SilverEdit

Darkness ShineEdit


The monsters of this series.


Cure Love-Change:Edit

The item that helps the girls transform.

Heart Harp:Edit

Cure Golden and Cure Silver's attack item.

Star Mirror:Edit

Cure Shine's attack item.

Happiness Touch:Edit

Sweety transforms into the Happiness Touch and sends her power to Pretty Cure.

Lovely Set:Edit

An item that transforms the Cures into their Lovely Form.

Card Love-ChangeEdit