Future Charge Pretty Cure!
(Fu~yūchā Chāji Purikyua!)
DirectorPretty Dream
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary , 2015
Episodes50 Episodes
PredecessorHappiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Opening SongFuture Charge Pretty Cure! YAY!
Ending SongLovely Medley
Future Charge Pretty Cure! ( フューチャーチャージプリキュア! Fu~yūchā Chāji Purikyua!?) is a Japanese magical girl anime series unofficially produced by Toei Animation and the first installment in Pretty Dream's Pretty Cure franchise. It is stated to air in February, 2015, succeeding Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! in its initial timeslot. The series' motifs are music, fashion and desserts.


Future Charge Pretty Cure! was first announced by Pretty Dream on Fantasy precure Wiki on March 28, 2014. It was revealed that the series will be a series that is set in the same year as Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! but in America with different Cures when the names for the main Cures were revealed.

Pretty Dream reveals that the character designs for the main Cures will appear on April 6, 2014 with the names of the mascots, villains and items.


Future Charge Pretty Cure! Episodes


Pretty CureEdit

  • Charlotte Anderson (シャーロット·アンダーソン Shārotto·Andāson?)/ Cure Pop (キュアポップ Kyua Poppu?)
  • Sophia Millers (ソフィア·ミラーズ Sofia·Mirāzu?)/ Cure Darling (キュアダーリン Kyua Dārin?)
  • Olivia Coleman (オリビア·コールマン Oribia·Kōruman?)/ Cure Candy (キュアキャンディ Kyua Kyandi?)
  • Mackenzie Davidson (マッケンジー·デイヴィドソン Makkenjī·Deivu~idoson ?)/ Cure Time (キュアタイム Kyua Taimu?)


The Parallel EmpireEdit