Ai no Senshi! Pretty Cure
愛の戦士! プリキュア
(Ai no Senshi! Purikyua)
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunOctober 4, 2014 - December 27, 2014
Opening SongSHINE! Ai no Senshi! Pretty Cure
Ending SongKoi ha...
Ai no Senshi! Pretty Cure (愛の戦士! プリキュア Ai no Senshi! Purikyua?) is a thirteen Pretty Cure series created by CureKanade. The series' motif is love.


Ai no Senshi! Pretty Cure Episodes

Momozono Love, Aida Mana, Madoka Aguri and Aino Megumi join together as the warriors of love so they can battle the Warriors of Hate and stop them from wiping out love from the world.



Momozono Love (桃園ラブ Momozono Love?)/ Cure Peach (キュアピーチ Kyua Pīchi?)

Aida Mana (相田マナ Aida Mana?)/ Cure Heart (キュアハート Kyua Hāto?)

Madoka Aguri (円亜久里 Madoka Aguri?)/ Cure Ace (キュアエース Kyua Ēsu?)

Aino Megumi (愛乃めぐみ Aino Megumi?)/ Cure Lovely (キュアラブリー Kyua Raburī?)


Chiffon (シフォン Shifon?)

Sharuru (シャルル Sharuru?)

Ai (アイ Ai?)

Ribbon (リボン Ribon?)

Warriors of HateEdit



Linkrun (リンクルン Rinkurun?) - The transformation device for Love.

Lovely Commune (ラブリーコミ­ューン Raburī Komyūn?) - The transformation device for Mana.

Cure Loveads (キュアラビーズ Kyua Rabīzu?)

Love Eyes Palette (ラブアイズパレット Rabu Aizu Paretto?) - The transformation device for Aguri.

PreChanMirror (プリチェンミラー PuriChenMirā?) - The transformation device for Megumi.

LovePreBrace (ラブプリブレス RabuPuriBuresu?) - The attack device that Megumi uses.

PreCards (プリカード PuriKādo?) - The items that help Megumi change in her alternative forms.


  • This is the first Pretty Cure series where all the Cures have the power of of love.
  • This is the first crossover Pretty Cure series to feature a Cures from different canon series.
  • This is the first Pretty Cure series where the main villains are dark copies of the Cures.
    • It is also the fourth Pretty Cure series to have dark copies of the Cures.